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AI and ZIM

AI at the Center for Information and Media Technology (ZIM)

The Competence Center for Scientific Computing and Storage at the Center for Information and Media Technology (ZIM) of the HHU is the central contact for the processing and evaluation of scientific data.

The team offers support in all areas of scientific computing and especially in working with AI applications. In addition, the central HPC system Hilbert is maintained by the staff.

Hilbert has GPU resources for the efficient processing of data using tools such as Tensorflow, Keras or PyTorch. Capacities will probably be greatly expanded in the spring of 2020 with the procurement of large-scale equipment in order to provide more researchers on campus with the necessary infrastructure.

It is recommended to contact the competence center already at the beginning of a project in order to define the necessary framework conditions for the work on Hilbert.

Registration for Hilbert
Access to Hilbert is available to all members of the university after project registration. There are no costs for the institutes. The registration form can be found on the website of the HPC team.

Existing systems

14 x systems with 10 Nvidia GTX 1080Ti each

2 x systems with 2 Nvidia Tesla RTX8000 each

4 x systems with 8 Nvidia A100 each

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