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HHU Legal Hackathon 2022

"Human and Machine - Artificial Intelligence in Law".

A joint event of the Heine-Center for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science (HeiCAD) and the Faculty of Law of the HHU Düsseldorf powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), Wessing&Partner Rechtsanwälte mbB and the Central contact office for Cybercrime North Rhine-Westphalia (Zentral- und Ansprechstelle Cybercrime Nordrhein-Westfalen, ZAC NRW).


Event period: 17 - 21.10.2022 (winter semester)
Monday, 10/17/22: Hackathon Start Day
Monday, 10/17/22: Online introductory course in AI  (afternoon)
Tuesday, 10/18/22 - Wednesday, 10/19/22: Processing of the challenges
Friday, 10/21/22: Award ceremony (morning)

Who can participate?

HHU students of all semesters and employees from the departments of Data Sciences, Computer Science and Law (BA, MSc, state examination) or from other departments with knowledge or experience in AI and Data Science.

What will be done?

The Legal Hackathon concerns the intersection of artificial intelligence and law. There are two challenges to choose from, supervised by experts from the field: from the perspective of law enforcement or corporate compliance, the teams develop practical AI solutions.
The Hackthon offers all participants the unique opportunity to work on projects together with students from different and highly-developing faculties. Insights into future-oriented professional fields and an exciting exchange about the methods of computer science, artificial intelligence and law guarantee a special project experience. Professional technical support is provided by the cloud services from Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Do I need to have prior knowledge of artificial intelligence?

No, no prior knowledge of artificial intelligence is required. All students in the fields of computer science, artificial intelligence and data science and law can participate. For each challenge, a sample is provided that can be used  without programming knowledge. In an introductory course, all topics and tools will also be explained and presented. Support will be provided during the editing phase.


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