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Use Case Politics

Supporting political decisions through AI (UPEKI)

Development, impact analysis, and evaluation of AI tools for decision-making processes in groups of citizens

The politics use case is about the support of political decisions by artificial intelligence. For this purpose, individual decisions on political issues were investigated in the first research phase. In the second research phase, political decision-making processes in groups of citizens will be analyzed.

Influence of AI-supported communication spaces on opinion making

So far, only a few empirical studies have investigated whether AI tools influence citizens’ political opinion formation and decision-making. To fill this research gap, the online discussion platform Discuss! was developed and its influence on citizens’ opinion formation was investigated in field experiments. It could be shown that from a multitude of arguments in online discussions AI is able to select and display those with which citizens tend to agree. The processing of these arguments leads, at least partially, to an intensification of predispositions.

Using AI in online discussions

The second phase of research continues to focus on AI’s support of political decision-making processes. Building on the previous findings, group decision-making processes will be investigated and the guiding question will be pursued: What influence do AI tools have on the collective decision-making of citizens in online discussions on political issues? 

By comparing different groups in field experiments, the opportunities and risks of using AI tools in online discussions can be systematically determined. In the end, the following three questions in particular can be answered conclusively:

  1. Can the use of AI tools reduce problems of online discussions?
  2. Does the citizens’ satisfaction with the process and outcome of the discussions increase?
  3. Can the quality of the process and outcome of the discussions be demonstrably improved?
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