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The application portal is open since May 2nd 2023 until July 15th 2023. Beginning of studies is in October 2023. No application is possible after the deadline. Application is purely online through this website - we will not consider any hardcopies sent to us. Before applying, please make sure to read our FAQ.

After registering and logging into the application portal, there will be several pages with questions and upload requests. Some are self-explanatory, for the others look at the screenshots below - especially the last one:

In the first registration window you are aked whether you want to transfer data from hochschulstart.de. You can ignore this and just enter your data.

Please provide the syllabi of your mathematics modules in the following form:

  • If your bachelor program has a module handbook, please provide the pages of your mathematics courses - and only of your mathematics courses - in a single pdf file. Do not upload the entire module handbook!
  • If there is no such module handbook, then provide other documents of your university which summarize the contents of your mathematics courses, e.g. screenshots of course homepages, or general descriptions of your bachelor program. In each case it should be visible to which course the document refers. Provide all these in a single pdf file.
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