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Preclinical Spinal Cord Injury Knowledge-Base (PSINK)

Database at the CNR (Center for Neuronal Regeneration of the Medical Faculty of HHU) on preclinical research results on spinal cord injuries and paraplegia.

It is the aim of the project to develop an interactive information system to support fast translation of promising preclinical therapies for spinal cord injury and paraplegia into clinical studies. Enormous amounts of unstructured data published in preclinical research papers in the medical domain of spinal cord injury and paraplegia will be processed for supervised  information extraction and automated knowledge base population using advanced machine learning algorithms and Spinal Cord Injury Ontology (SCIO)-based slot filling. Besides extensive meta studies the PSINK-knowledge base will support treatment decisions by including preclinical findings into clinical practice, identify core parameters of treatment and analyze their impact, and support the definition of promising clinical trials by provision of empirically graded preclinical results. The PSINK-knowledge base at the CNR will be a blue print for the development of similar knowledge bases to ensure a systematic approach to reuse pre-clinical evidence for decision making in clinical translation in other medical disciplines at need.

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