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Manchot Research Group Artificial Intelligence (II)

Manchot research group "Decision-​making with the help of Artificial Intelligence" (II)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the pioneering drivers of the Digital Revolution. It is the ability of machines to solve tasks using methods usually attributed to human intelligence. Data science is a field of science closely related to AI in which the extraction of knowledge from often very large and complex data sets (Big Data) is studied. AI is significantly influencing and changing large parts of research and teaching at HHU. The university is meeting this challenge by making AI and data science one of its profile fields.

Building a nationally recognizable AI research and infrastructure

At HHU, a supra-regionally recognizable research and infrastructure in the field of AI has already been successfully established with the help of funding from the Jürgen Manchot Foundation from 2019-2021. The Manchot Research Group "Decision Making Using Artificial Intelligence Methods" (funding phase I) made it possible to decisively advance AI research at HHU and make it visible. In this context, the Heine Center for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science (HeiCAD) was founded and thus the systematic networking of the growing number of experts who develop AI methods or use them in their research areas. Numerous scientists with data and problems whose development with AI methods can lead to new insights now receive targeted support.

Use cases from all faculties, especially the fields of health, economics, politics and law

The expansion of HHU's comprehensive AI strategy as well as the implementation of exemplary AI projects will continue to be driven forward in the future by the Manchot Research Group "Decision Making Using Artificial Intelligence Methods" (funding phase II). For this purpose, projects have been developed within the framework of the research group for

  •     the development of an AI strategy of the HHU,
  •     the development and application of AI methods and
  •     exemplary use cases for AI from all faculties of the HHU.

Thus, synergistic, interdisciplinary, and complementary approaches to the topic can be pursued at HHU. This enables a penetration of HHU with modern methods of AI research. In addition to the existing use cases health, economy and politics, a fourth use case from the field of law (use case law) is now being established. Furthermore, networking with computer science and interdisciplinary cooperation across faculty boundaries are profile-forming in all use cases.

Due to the positive decision on the part of the Jürgen Manchot Foundation to support the research group "Decision Making with the Help of Artificial Intelligence Methods" for another three years (from 2022-2024), HHU is in a position to become one of the first universities with a comprehensive AI and Data Science strategy.

Use Cases

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