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Manchot research group "Decision-​making with the help of Artificial Intelligence"

Over the next few years, HHU will develop the research area of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science into a strategic profile area of the university. The first milestone is the establishment of the research group "Decision-​making with the help of Artificial Intelligence", funded by the Jürgen Manchot Foundation. In addition, several research projects on AI already exist in the faculties of HHU.

Use Cases : health, business, politics

The research group consists of three use cases in the fields of health, business and politics, in whose research scientists from all five faculties are involved. All projects pursue an interdisciplinary approach. In addition to the technical aspects, expertise in the field of AI methodology from computer science is also included. Legal aspects are also reflected upon through the involvement of the Faculty of Law and, on a philosophical and ethical level, through the inclusion of philosophy.  

What AI strategy does the HHU pursue?

In addition to researching three use cases in the field of AI, the development of a comprehensive and cross-faculty AI strategy is a central task of the research group. The focus is on the question of technical feasibility and, above all, ethical standards in the application of AI. The aim is to develop a comprehensive AI strategy for the entire HHU on the basis of these focused results - but also in response to AI research projects from all faculties of the HHU - in order to position itself in the field of Artificial Intelligence research.

Use Cases

Can Artificial Intelligence support therapy decisions? In the field of biomedicine, it will be investigated whether methods for predicting the chances of success and complications of bone marrow transplants are effective.

Will the use of AI improve governance and compliance in organizations and if so, how? We examine the fields of (non-)financial reporting, human resources management and taxation.

Algorithms are increasingly influencing the formation of political opinion. We investigate how by developing a system based on artificial intelligence whose effect is tested in experiments.

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