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Use Case Politics

AI support for policy decisions: development of tools and impact analysis (UPEKI)

It is only a matter of time before political decision-making processes are influenced by instruments or assistants based on artificial intelligence (AI) in a similar way as is already the case today for economic decisions. This certainly involves great risks, but also opportunities: AI instruments can help to prepare political information better, to structure political discussions better, to outline different points of view more clearly and in this way to increase the acceptance of political decisions. There is still a long way to go. Use Case 3 of the Manchot research group would like to take a step in this direction and is based on several points: the decision-making processes, the instruments and the effects. The team consists of researchers from the fields of computer science, communication science and political science. The aims are (1) to sound out how political decisions by people and organisations can be supported by AI instruments and (2) to investigate experimentally what effects these instruments have on the content, processes and acceptance of political decisions.

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