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AI Conference 2020

Decision-making based on Artificial Intelligence

The upcoming conference hosted by the Manchot research group "Decision-making with the help of Artificial Intelligence" and the Heine Center for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science (HeiCAD) will take place on October 29-30, 2020 at Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf.

Data as a basis for decisions

We are on the edge of profound social change, driven by advances in the collection of data from the real world. The rapidly progressing development of virtual agents and cognitive systems based on Big Data are used for decision making and can already take over a variety of tasks: starting with the collection and evaluation of information about physically demanding work up to the support of therapy possibilities in medicine (AI-supported diagnostics), management decisions in companies, in the legal system (finding precedents) or political opinion-forming processes of each of us.

Which knowledge will be gained by data?

It can be assumed that the performance spectrum of cognitive systems will expand significantly. Therefore, we must learn to recognize and evaluate economic and social consequences of decision-making using AI-based methods and to enter into a critical discourse about opportunities and risks: What does the use of AI in decision-making processes mean for the autonomy of private individuals, entrepreneurs and doctors? Which and how much space should algorithms be given in the decision-making process? Who is ultimately responsible for automated decisions?

These are just a few of the questions that equally affect society, business, politics and science. From different perspectives, the conference will focus on the use of AI-supported software in decision-making processes and discuss the resulting consequences for human action. In addition to lectures on methods and applications of AI in various socially relevant contexts, ethical and legal issues will also be addressed.


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