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HeiCAD Lightning Talks 2022

Termine Allgemein

HeiCAD is hosting an event at the end of June that will be of particular interest to PhD students in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and data science across all faculties:

On June 24, the HeiCAD Lightning Talks 2022 will take place in lecture hall 3D. Doctoral students will have the opportunity to present their dissertation project in exactly one minute with exactly one slide. Afterwards, there will be the opportunity to get feedback from other AI researchers at a poster presentation in the foyer, to learn about overlaps with other PhD projects, and to benefit from the rich expertise within HeiCAD and HHU - all while enjoying drinks and finger food in a casual atmosphere.

The event is meant to provide a forum for all researchers of HeiCAD-affiliated groups to get to know each other and help in fostering collaboration and exchange within HeiCAD.

For more information, please visit: https://www.heicad.hhu.de/aktivitaeten/lightning-talks-2022