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Text Generation & Chatbots


This tool from OpenAI made headlines in 2023. It enables interaction with the tool in conversational form, so that follow-up questions are possible, among other things. Registration is required to use ChatGPT, which is currently possible for free.


With Botpress, individual chatbot-like applications can be developed. Within a certain workload (1000 contacts with the chatbot per month) Botpress is free of charge. Botpress provides various templates as a basis that can be customized. The individual chatbots are developed in a visually supported editor based on history charts. Materials such as PDFs can be provided as a basis for the chatbots, which can be used for responses.


This is an AI-powered research tool that searches articles and extracts information, among other things (however, it should be noted that Elicit may not capture "nuances" of an article). Furthermore, Elicit does not guarantee the articles it includes (in terms of methodological approach, etc.). The articles are from the Semantik Scholar Academic Graph dataset (see  https://elicit.org/faq#appendix-how-does-elicit-work, „Appendix: How does Elicit work?“). Due to the limitations (see above) and the recourse to a specific database, the tool functions more as a supplementary research option. Registration is required.

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