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AI Tools Overview Pages

Disclaimer: The following web pages include extensive lists of AI tools and utilities. Due to the large number of applications, some of the tools have the same or very similar functions. The tools are usually categorized into different application areas and are sometimes subject to a fee. Therefore, before using one of the presented tools, it is recommended to check about costs, terms of use and privacy. A comparison of different tools for a specific application purpose can also be helpful.

Futurepedia [English]


A collection of over 3500 AI tools (as of July 2023), which are added to daily according to the website.  The site can be searched freely, but different categories are also offered (e.g. "education assistant", "audio editing" or "general writing") to facilitate the search. The individual tools are provided with hashtags that refer to the categories linked to the tools, as well as with ratings.

KI-Tools Advanced Innovation [German]

A collection of over 4500 (as of July 2023) AI tools. The site offers various filter options and categories to facilitate the search. The tools are provided with a short description to give a first impression and with keywords (categories) that roughly classify the tools.

KI Resources [German] of the Virtual Competence Center „Schreiben lehren und lernen mit KI - Tools und Techniken für Bildung und Wissenschaft"

This overview page brings together some specific tools for different areas of writing. The intermediate chapters are Literature Research, Text Comprehension, Text Production, Feedback Tools, Text Classification, Crosscutting Assistance Systems, and Overviews of Generative AI Tools.

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