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Information for students at HHU

AI4all / KI für alle: Einführung in die Künstliche Intelligenz

It is expected that students of the Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Economics and Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences will be able to receive credit for the course. Students of the Faculty of Law will receive a certificate as proof after successful completion.

The next course run of the event will start on October 1, 2023.

AI for all?

You've always wanted to know more about artificial intelligence, e.g. understand how AI works in general, how an algorithm is programmed, but also what you can achieve with AI in your work, whether in research or in a practical application field? Are you also interested in the impact AI has on everyday life and various areas of life and what consequences this has for society?

Then the online course "KI für alle: Einführung in die Künstliche Intelligenz" is just right for you. It promotes the competencies of students at Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf (HHU) in the field of artificial intelligence across all faculties and increasingly integrates the subject area into the degree programs.

What are you learning?

The learning event conveys the basics of artificial intelligence. In the five thematic strands of theory, programming, ethics/law, data and application, the subject is introduced from different perspectives. Small learning units enable students to approach this complex field on a weekly basis through self-study. In addition to learning the terms and procedures, the focus is on a profound understanding of what artificial intelligence is, what the current state of current procedures is, and how AI technologies should be classified beyond their portrayal in the media.

In addition to this theoretical framework, simple programming skills and the handling of different types of data are practiced. This technical strand is accompanied by a reflection on ethical and legal aspects that the use of AI entails. Attention is also paid to the social challenges of the use of this technology. Versatile application examples from everyday life and research will be used to show how the technology is used in practice.

Important: There are no prerequisites for participation in the course. No previous knowledge is required.

How is the course structured?

The course is an e-learning/self-study offering. The learning materials are divided into a total of 14 learning packages. This corresponds to the number of weeks in a semester. We recommend that you work on one learning package in each week of the semester. The learning packages are available from April 1 (summer semester) and October 1 (winter semester) for the entire semester.

The learning packages consist of videos, transcripts with additional materials, and short exercises. The transcripts present the content of each video in written form. The additional materials can be used for comprehension problems and can also be used by interested parties to deepen their understanding of the content covered. In the exercises you can check and consolidate your own understanding and the acquired knowledge.

When is the course passed?

In order to receive credit for the course, you must pass the written e-exam at the end of the semester. The e-exam will take place on the campus of Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf. The exam date, time and location will be announced as soon as possible during the semester.

That sounds exciting?

You want to deal with artificial intelligence in the next semester and get a deeper insight? Then you've come to the right place! You can take the course "AI for all: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence" at HIS-LSF starting March 1 (summer semester) or September 1 (winter semester).

On which learning platforms does the course run?


You officially register for the course via HIS-LSF. This is important so that you can successfully complete the course.


The actual course, including the learning materials, is available on the "KI-Campus" learning platform. The KI-Campus is a learning platform specifically for the subject area of artificial intelligence, on which a wide variety of offers are available free of charge. To access our course, you first have to register on the KI-Campus. You will need your university email address, a username, first and last name, and an individual password.

You can find the course at: https://ki-campus.org/courses/kifueralle-hhu 

You can join in the detailed view of the course via the "Enroll" button.

Learning platform ILIAS

A discussion forum is available on ILIAS, which enables you to exchange information in case of comprehension problems as well as questions about the thematic strands and the general framework of the course. Furthermore, exercises for the exam at the end of the semester are available on ILIAS. The members of the ILIAS group are synchronized via the allocation in HIS-LSF.

AI for all: The most important at a glance! (german)

Important information & help with problems

Important information (for example, more detailed information about the exam) will be sent to your university email address during the semester. Therefore, please check your mailbox regularly for new notifications.

If you have any questions or problems concerning the course, you can contact the "AI for all" team (ai4all@hhu.de). Furthermore, a voluntary tutorial is offered during the semester, where questions can be discussed (no additional content is taught).

If you have any technical problems with the KI-Campus, please contact the KI-Campus-Support: https://ki-campus.org/contact


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