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Information for others interested

You would like to attend the course "AI for All", but you are not one of the students enrolled at HHU? No problem!

We have published all created learning videos and accompanying materials under an open source license and cooperate here with the learning platform KI-Campus.

Since April 1, 2023 our course is available there. Every interested person and every interested person can participate!


The course "AI for All" is available on the learning platform "KI-Campus" (https://ki-campus.org/). The KI-Campus is a learning platform specifically on the topic of artificial intelligence, offering various free online courses, videos and podcasts with the aim of increasing AI and data skills. To access the course and related materials, registration on the AI Campus is first required. This requires an email address, a username, first and last name information, and an individually assigned password. After successful registration, the course offering "KI für alle - Einführung in die KI" can be searched for using the search function. Joining is done in the detailed view of the course via the button "Register for the course".

What are you learning?

The learning course teaches the basics of artificial intelligence. In the five thematic threads of theory, programming, ethics/law, data and application, the subject is introduced from different perspectives. Small learning units enable students to approach this complex field on a weekly basis through self-study. In addition to learning the terms and procedures, the focus is on a profound understanding of what artificial intelligence is, what the current state of current procedures is, and how AI technologies should be classified beyond their portrayal in the media.

In addition to this theoretical framework, simple programming skills and the handling of different types of data are practiced. This technical thread is accompanied by a reflection on ethical and legal aspects that the use of AI entails. Attention is also paid to the social challenges of the use of this technology. With the help of versatile application examples from everyday life and research, it will be shown how the technology is used in practice.

How is the course structured?

The course is an e-learning/self-study offering. The learning materials are divided into a total of 14 learning packages (this corresponds to the number of weeks in a semester). We recommend - depending on the time available - to work on one learning package per week.

The learning packages consist of videos, transcripts with further materials and short exercises. In the transcripts, the contents of the respective videos are presented in written form. The additional materials can be used for comprehension problems and also help interested parties to deepen their understanding of the content covered. In the exercises, the own understanding and the acquired knowledge can be checked and consolidated.

The learning materials are available continuously - with the exception of short offline periods shortly before the start of the summer and winter semesters, during which we update the course. We ask for your understanding in this regard.

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