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Use Case Health

Clinical Reasoning und Clinical Data Intelligence: KI-basierte Prognose und Therapie- entscheidungen mittels NGS-gestützter Mikrobiom, Spender- und Empfängersequenzierung bei Stammzelltransplantationen

Big Data Science and AI are enabling the solution of previously seemingly intractable challenges, thus changing and transforming diagnostic and therapeutic medicine. Problems such as medical decision making are based on detecting, naming, and treating diseases, predicting conditions, and aiming to maintain health. In this context, medicine increasingly makes use of high-resolution data sets to come to a probability conclusion about the future of patients  regarding clinical outcome and potential complications.

Analysis methods and goals 

In the context of this use case, novel analysis methods are applied, which are based on the technology of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), clinical monitoring (e.g. by means of wearables) and AI-based data and AI imaging analyses. In terms of models, the main focus is on linking and analyzing results obtained by means of the above-mentioned established methods with the results generated by NGS methods.

The aim is to improve clinical decision making based on mulidimensional data processing (Big Data Science) by machine learning. The ethical and legal dimensions of this research approach for decisions in this use case as well as in close cooperation with the other use cases of the research group will be the subject of our investigations.


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