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Below you will find working groups dealing with AI and data science, sorted by faculty:

Faculty of Philosophy

Speech, Lexicon, And Modeling lab (SLAM), Prof. Dr. Kevin Tang (Speech and language processing, NLP, computational linguistics)


American Literary and Cultural Studies, Prof. Dr. Regina Schober (literary and cultural representations of artificial intelligence, AI generated literature, 'critical AI', cultural perspectives on recognition technology, algorithmic selfhood, TikTok and algorithmic storytelling, posthumanism and AI ethics)


Computational Linguistics, Prof. Dr. Laura Kallmeyer (Language, NLP, Computer Science, Linguistics)


German Linguistics, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Alexander Ziem (Corpus Linguistics/Technology, Digital Language Resources & Cognitive Linguistics)


Communication and Media Studies I, Prof. Dr. Frank Marcinkowski (Public Opinion on AI, Cognitive & Emotional Responses towards AI, Socially Responsible AI)


Citizen Involvement in Mobility Transitions (CIMT), Jun.-Prof. Dr. Tobias Escher (Machine-assisted Text Classification of Public Participation Contributions, Active Learning, Policy Analytics)

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Dialog Systems and Machine Learning, Prof. Dr. Milica Gašić (Language, ML, NLP, AI)


Data & Knowledge Engineering, Prof. Dr. Stefan Dietze (Information Retrieval, NLP, Semantic Web & Web Science, Computational Social Science)


Algorithms and Data Structures, Prof. Dr. Melanie Schmidt  (Algorithms, ML, Algorithmic Data Analysis, Computer Science)


Algorithmic Bioinformatics, Prof. Dr. Gunnar W. Klau, (Algorithms, Modeling)


Big Data Analytics for Microscopic Images, Prof. Dr. Timo Dickscheid (Machine Learning and Computer Vision for biomedical image analysis, High throughput imaging and HPC environments for microscopy, Neuroinfomatics)


Computational Cell Biology, Prof. Dr. Martin Lercher (Algorithms, Modeling, ML)


Databases and Information Systems, Prof. Dr. Stefan Conrad  (Info Retrieval, Data Mining, NLP, Machine learning)


Software Engineering and Programming Languages, Prof. Dr. Michael Leuschel (Software)


Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Prof. Dr. Steffi Haag (Digital Innovation, User Experiences and Business Models, Design and Management of AI Systems, Cyber Security)


Synthetic Microbiology, Prof. Dr. Ilka Maria Axmann (Computational Biology)


Quantitative and Theoretical Biology, Prof. Dr. Oliver Ebenhöh (theoretical concepts, mathematical models of biological processes)


Mathematical Modeling of Biological Systems, Prof. Dr. Markus Kollmann (Biology, Biological Data, Deep Learning)


Biological data science, Prof. Dr. Björn Usadel (Analysis, visualization and interpretation of big data)


Faculty of Medicine

Genomics and Medical Data Science, Prof. Dr. Tobias Marschall (genome data science, with a focus on novel algorithms and software tools for computational genomics)


Artificial Intelligence and Imaging Informatics, Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Dipl.-Inform. Julian Caspers (AI in medical imaging, machine-learning and computer-vision, computer-based assistance systems).

Faculty of Economics

Professorship of Business Administration, esp. Digital Management & Digital Work,  Prof. Dr. Marius Wehner (AI fairness, employee reactions towards AI, human resource management, entrepreneurship)


Chair of Management Control and Accounting, Prof. Dr. Barbara E. Weißenberger (Predictive Analytics, AI-based Fraud Detection, Algorithm Aversion, Corporate Digital Responsibility)


Causal Inference Powered by AI, Prof. Dr. Jannis Kück (Machine Learning, Econometrics, Data Science)


Faculty of Law

Public Law with Special Consideration of Legal Issues of Artificial Intelligence, Jun.-Prof. Dr. Johann Justus Vasel (Legal Issues of the Use of Artificial Intelligence Methods , Possibilities of Using Artificial Intelligence Methods in the Application of Law)


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