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Custom colloquia

Each doctoral student has the opportunity to propose a colloquium on a topic of their choice during the registration phase. The HeiCAD team will then assemble groups of researchers from related disciplines to form discussion and tutorial groups.

All participants will be invited to participate in one of the colloquia. We will suggest group assignments that bring together researchers from different working groups, career stages and backgrounds, so the colloquia will also be a great opportunity for all participants to network and get to know researchers from across HeiCAD!

Need more details?

  • Struggling to come up with a research plan/exposure for your dissertation?
  • Having problems getting a thesis accepted because it is too application specific or not application specific enough, i.e. it does not have a clear use case for your target audience or your topic is a niche topic?
  • Need input from other disciplines on methods, use cases or anything else?
  • Feeling stuck for any other reason?

The custom colloquia are designed to provide guidance and additional ideas and advice from a diverse group of researchers.

You can apply for a custom colloquium slot during the registration phase by providing an overview of your research or research interests, your status, your current challenges and, most importantly, what kind of advice or support from the HeiCAD community might be helpful.

Custom colloquia can be helpful for early stage PhD students to identify possible research directions, but can also support PhD students in later stages. All participants who do not apply for a custom colloquium will be assigned to a group that will work with you to develop ideas and solutions.

As a doctoral student applying for a custom colloquium, you will be responsible for leading your session, so please make sure you provide your group with a good overview of your situation and enough material to allow for in-depth discussions!