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Düsseldorf AI Conference 2023: Chances and Challenges of AI-driven Decision-Making


Next Monday and Tuesday, June 19/20, 2023, the HeiCAD in cooperation with the Manchot Research Group "Decision-​making with the help of Artificial Intelligence" is entirely dedicated to the topic of challenges posed by the use of AI-supported methods in decision making. 

Artificial Intelligence has become a powerful tool for decision-making, with the potential to transform a wide range of industries, academia and everyday life. However, there are both opportunities and challenges associated with AI-driven decision-making. On the one hand, AI has the potential to improve decision-making by providing more accurate predictions and insights based on vast amounts of data. On the other hand, there are concerns about the potential for bias, the lack of transparency, and the ethical implications of using AI to make decisions that affect people's lives. As AI technology continues to advance, it is important for researchers, policymakers, and businesses to address these challenges and ensure that AI is used in a responsible and ethical manner.

We have invited high-profile international researchers in the field of AI and data science who will ­present together with internationally renowned researchers from the Manchot research group the latest research results of their work. The conference includes individual presentations and panel discussions. The aim is to exchange ideas across scientific disciplines and technologies with members of the Manchot research group and the audiences.  

For more information, please visit our homepage.

The conference is now fully booked but you may follow our YouTube channel:

Day 1: JUNE 19, 2023 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AkyqeLGaHxc
Day 2: JUNE 20, 2023 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D50J-3IXcgg